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Mrs. Stover

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Hello, my name is Mrs. Stover. I completed my Advanced Cosmetology degree in 1993. I bring 29 years of highly qualified professional skills along with increased wisdom and knowledge of the beauty industry. I have been a long time business owner of 4 successful salons across the Ohio Valley and 5 successful years in running a Beauty College. I also bring my faith in Christ, which I attribute as being the sole reason for all my success in life.

Ms. Yvonne

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Hello, my name is Ms. Yvonne. I have been a licensed Advanced Cosmetologist since 2009. I have always loved what I do. I have a lot of experience in many different Color, Products, and Tool lines. I have had years of experience in the running of Salons and Beauty Colleges. I love this industry so much I wanted to share and touch the lives of many aspiring Cosmetologist, Nail Technicians, and Esthetics students. I got my instructors license in 2017 and I never stop learning and expanding my knowledge in the industry.

Ms. Yolanda

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Hello, my name is Ms. Yolanda. I headed straight into the world of cosmetology as soon as I graduated high school. I completed my Advanced Cosmetology degree and have been working in the salon ever since. In 2011, I sought out for my business degree in Marketing with a minor in Organizational Leadership at Wright State University. I have a great passion for the beauty industry; it has offered me great opportunities in both the educational and business aspects. The best part of my job is getting to make clients feel beautiful, and creating amazing relationships. In 2017, I became a licensed instructor. I became an instructor because I love the industry so much I wanted to be able to share my knowledge and teach others that are just as excited about this amazing industry. I believe everything is possible and I am here to help you in any way I can in your career needs.

Mrs.  Louise


Hi, my name is Mrs. Louise. I obtained my Advanced Cosmetology degree in 2014 and went on to achieve my Cosmetology Instructor license in 2018. My passion for helping others be successful in their endeavors is what drives my passion for this industry. There is so much knowledge on the beauty industry that I cant wait to share with those who have a life long dream in Cosmetology and its branches. 

Mrs.  Alex

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My name is Mrs. Alexandra. I completed my Advanced Cosmetology degree in 2020 and obtained my Cosmetology Instructor license in 2021. I have always loved the idea of making other people feel beautiful about themselves. I became interested in Cosmetology at such a young age that I would always do my doll baby's hair and makeup. I love how cosmetology is always changing with different trends and styles. I am here to share my knowledge and watch you blossom!

Mrs.  Rose


Hello, my name is Mrs. Rose. I graduated Nursing school in 2017. I have always enjoyed helping people in any way that I can. Now, I am helping people do just that! I am excited to be the career planning specialist and to help students achieve their dream and assist them with planning their career path in the beauty industry. 

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